So, you missed our information session, but you still want to get involved next semester

Nov. 30 recruitment for spring 2012 (thumbnail)If you missed our Wednesday information session but still want to get involved next semester with the Society of Professional Journalists at Mizzou, here’s what we talked about:

  • Many of our executive members are studying abroad next semester, so we needs a lot of replacements. If you want to be a part of this organization, we’ll find a spot for you.  
  • We’re moving into a committee structure in the spring. Right now, we’re thinking the committees will be: digital media, events, education and finance. Each one will have a chairperson that will attend weekly meetings with the other chairpeople, president and vice president (forming an executive council). The committees themselves will meet based on the chairperson’s discretion. It’s been awhile since we’ve used this leadership structure, so there’s ample room for position innovation.
  • There are no age or major-based restrictions for the positions. Anyone can join.
  • We’ll hold elections in January, so watch for an email in early 2012 with a specific date. Those interested in running for an executive-council position will need to tell us, so we can put you on the ballot. If you want to be on a committee without being a chairperson, you don’t need to be elected. However, everyone involved with SPJ Mizzou should also be a national SPJ member. 
  • Our voting process is democratic. As long as you’re a due-paying SPJ member, you get a vote for president, vice president and the committee chairpeople. 
  • You’ll get a lot out of an SPJ membership. There are opportunities to network, travel to national and regional conferences, have dinner with brilliant journalism minds, meet new people and build your résumé. If you have a speciality (social media, designing fliers, etc.), you can build a niche.
  • The document to the left is what we handed out at the information session. Download the PDF, fill it out and email it to us if you’re still interested in getting involved. In the meantime, join SPJ (our chapter dues are $10 plus national dues), and watch for a January email. 

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